Jenifer Bloodsworth: Comedienne Breaks Out

Jenifer Bloodsworth: Comedienne Breaks Out

Jenifer Bloodsworth has quickly put herself on the map in the world of comedy, taking the lessons she learned from her previous job at World Wrestling Entertainment to climb into her new role.

“I was a television writer for WWE,” Bloodsworth said. “I had an amazing time doing that and wanted to branch out and do something different – to challenge myself creatively. So I left WWE to pursue being a comedy TV writer and in my education to do that I took improv with the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York, sketch comedy classes, stand-up comedy classes and it got me into performing.”

Taking the classes was a first step, but Bloodsworth also refined her craft by taking on the challenge of acting in non-comedic projects since leaving the world of wrestling. “I did it to push myself and have that experience of going to auditions and other things. It’s been a very productive almost two years.”

Bloodsworth’s productivity is reminiscent of one of the more creative comediennes of the past 25 years, a performer Bloodsworth enjoyed growing up. “One of my biggest influences in writing and writing comedy for television is Tracey Ullman,” she explained. “I grew up watching ‘The Tracey Ullman Show’ and seeing her do different characters and being the star, the writer and making people laugh and making people happy. I was mesmerized. She was doing it all and I wanted to be like her – I wanted to make people happy.”

The Emerson College graduate has found herself on stage and has seen a sock-covered helping hand from her wrestling past – as she has been touring with WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley – another squared circle transplant to the world of comedy.

“Mick has been awesome giving me this opportunity to go out and perform with him,” Bloodsworth stated. “Not only getting to do my own stand-up, but to get to perform on stage with him – one of the great all-time performers in sports-entertainment has been great. There will be times I am on stage with him and I look over and I just say, ‘Wow.’ I think of all the people he’s performed for, all the people he has performed with and just to be there with Mick and to have him give me the spotlight is amazing and something I am just so thankful for and I am really enjoying.”

Bloodsworth also found after leaving WWE that she had some learning to do when it came to her new adventure.

“When I left WWE I had never been an actor before,” she explained. “At first the performing was something I was doing more to help with my writing because essentially improv is like writing on your feet, while the stand-up is all about refining and refining until you get it just how you want it. I had become so proficient in grinding things out as a writer at WWE, I was surprised at how much of a learning curve there was getting into comedy as opposed to narrative writing. It wasn’t just learning a new style, it was learning a completely new way to approach and think about writing.”

Another surprise for Bloodsworth has been the reaction of people when they find out what she is doing these days. “Whenever someone finds out I do stand-up they are surprised – which is a little hurtful,” she joked. “I think there are some people who do comedy because they have a lot of energy and always need to be in the spotlight, but I think I am in the group of people where there’s a lot going on inside that never comes out – so I enjoy that my alter ego gets to say the things that I would never say.”

It turns out most of the things she has to say are self deprecating quips about herself. Her chemistry with Foley while reenacting a memorable Diamond Dallas Page moment is undeniable. Her wit and sense of self make her performances enjoyable and hilarious – and Bloodsworth couldn’t be happier.

“I’m very fortunate to be constantly performing and working with awesome people,” she said. “I am happy where I am and what I am doing. I don’t know what the future holds for me but getting to do the things I have done – performing at Carolines in front of a sold out crowd and getting to go on the road has been so incredible.”

The next big stop for Jenifer Bloodsworth as her career continues to take off? Just a little place in Los Angeles called The Improv. It’s safe to say Jenifer Bloodsworth is on the right path.


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